Pistis Academy.


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My name is Bishop Keith Butler the founder of KBM Ministries and Pistis Academy. I want to welcome you to our training website. 

We are excited to share the word of God with you through these training videos on this site. 


To gain access to the website simply click on the registration button below and login into the all access area where you can experience our bible training material and receive more knowledge about being a Christian

and Jesus Christ. The purpose of Pistis Academy is to bring you key information and tools to enable you to have a greater understanding of who Jesus is, help you develop your knowledge in the word of God and build up your faith.


Over the many years of my ministry I realize there is a longing in the hearts of people to know more about Jesus. So I have created these video series to help you and bring you closer to the knowledge of 

Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to take your time and go thorough all of the material on this website.  You will also receive updates from us regarding Pistis Academy and KBM Ministries, which will be sent directly to your email.


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